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Welcome to IPSC Northern Territory

Welcome to IPSC NT Inc. (International Practical Shooting Confederation of the Northern Territory). IPSC is one of the fastest expanding shooting sports with members in over 100 countries worldwide.

IPSC stages or courses of fire ustilise many props and targets that are not found in more traditional shooting disciplines. You will be presented with such things as the shooter moving around a stage, having moving targets, multiple targets and challenge of the shooter solving the course of fire as presented.

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Initially, participants need to be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC. Look at the Links page to see if your club is affiliated. If your current club is not affiliated, contact the IPSCNT Section Coordinator for a club application form. To join IPSC as an individual member you are required to pass the IPSC Australia Holster Safety and Proficiency Course. If your club is not affiliated to IPSC Australia, contact the IPSCNT Section Coordinator for details on how to carry out a holster course. People wishing to complete a holster safety and proficiency course should have access to a suitable handgun (centre-fire in 9mm, .357 or .38 calibre), with holster and belt, speed loaders (for revolver) or magazines and magazine pouches (for semi-auto pistols). New members of shooting clubs usually cannot own a handgun until a training/probationary period is over (usually six months).

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What is IPSC Northern Territory?

IPSC NT is the Section responsible for administering the target shooting clubs and members located in the Northern Territory affiliated to IPSC Australia. The Section is also responsible for organising inter-club and territory competitions for all IPSC disciplines. These are mainly Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle, with matches for Pistol Calibre Carbine and Mini-Rifle are increasing in popularity.

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IPSC Northern Territory

If you have a general enquiry please complete the form below and click the send button. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively search the club list above if you get in contact with a local club.

GPO Box 3293
Darwin NT

Section Coordinator: Darryl Tinning