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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a question about IPSC Australia? See the list below of our most frequestly asked questions.
If your question is not listed here, contact your section co-ordinator or use the contact form

How do I join IPSC Australia?

Sign up at the IPSC Australia Membership Portal

How much are the fees for IPSC Australia?

The current IPSC Australia membership fees are for July 1 to June 30.

For Individual Members (at 1 July 2021):

  •  Full Member/Primary Family Member – $115.50
    •  with First Additional Family Member – $159.50
  •  Family Cap (Primary plus two or more family)  – $176.00
  •  Age Concession (65 and over on 1 July) – $77.00
  •  Junior (under 18 years on 1 July) – $44.00

For new members joining after January 1, a pro-rata amount will be available on the IPSC – Membership Portal.


Fees are reviewed on a yearly basis in October for the next financial year

When will I get my Membership pack?

Once you’ve submitted an application to join IPSC Australia, your application is Pending Approval.

There are different processes that must be followed depending on your state of residence, as required by your local licensing body.

In general, Membership of IPSC Australia is subject to membership of an IPSC affiliated Club and validation by your Section, and this validation may take some time (two to three weeks).

Once your application is validated, you are a financial member of IPSC Australia, however the Membership Officer will wait for your Holster Proficiency assessment before issuing your membership pack.


What firearms are used by IPSC competitors in Australia?

New to IPSC and want to know what handguns and longarms are used in IPSC competitions?

Aside from the definitions in the official rules, what do people actually use in the various disciplines and divisions?
To attempt to ‘level the playing field’ somewhat, there are different divisions in IPSC disciplines, so that competitors in a division are competing with ‘broadly similar’ equipment.


All divisions must use a minimum of .38 calibre (9 mm) projectiles, and under most State laws in Australia, a maximum of the same (Classic in Victoria being an exception).
For specifics on the Handgun divisions, see the Appendix in the Handgun rules.


The equipment used in Rifle divisions in Australia is limited to Manual Action, with most competitors preferring a Bolt or Pump action rifle with detachable magazines.

These rifles are mainly chambered in .223, however some members prefer their SMLEs in .303!


Equipment in Shotgun varies with State Legislation, with members using a mix of Lever, Straight-Pull Bolt Action and Break Open shotguns.

Shotgun events mix different ammunition (one type per stage) with Birdshot, Buckshot and Solid.

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