IPSC Disciplines

Practical Shooting is divided into a number of disciplines – Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol Calibre Carbine, Mini-Rifle and Action Air.

Each discipline has a separate rule book, and there are multiple variations between disciplines.

IPSC matches cannot mix disciplines on a single stage and are usually limited to a single Discipline. However a Tournament or a Grand Tournament include stages from a number of disciplines, and are conducted using the Tournament rules.

Disciplines: Handgun

The handgun discipline consists of multiple divisions – all of which are available in Australia, however they are limited in choices of calibre (up to .38″) and in capacity (10-round magazines)

Australia at the Australasians in 2019

Disciplines: Rifle

Rifle divisions are restricted in Australia (subject to local laws) to Manual Action Open (MAO), Manual Action Standard (MAS) and Manual Action Lever Release (MALR), while Semi-Automatic Open (SAO) and Semi-Automatic Standard (SAS) are not available.

Australia at the Rifle World Shoot in 2017

Disciplines: Shotgun

Shotgun divisions have different restrictions in Australia (subject to local laws). The Shotgun divisions are Open, Modified, Standard and Manual.

Australia at the Shotgun World Shoot in 2015

IPSC Australia Member Arnya Olsen in second place at the Shotgun World Shoot in 2015