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2023 Extraordinary General Assembly

Dear Regional Directors, IPSC Officials and Athletes!

Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) was conducted on March 31, 2023. The Assembly was mainly focused on discussing the proposed Rules amendments deferred from the 2022 Assembly. 

Among many different subjects discussed, the following Rules amendments were approved by the Assembly:

–       Handgun Production Optics Light Division was deleted. 

–       Action Air PCC and Rifle Disciplines were approved.

–       .22LR Handgun was adopted as a new IPSC Discipline as part of a Junior Program. 

–       Grand Senior was ratified as the name of the new Category of shooters from the age of 70. 

–       IPSC Micro targets were adopted for PCC, Rifle and Action Air.

–       The proposal to limit weight for the magazine base pads in the Handgun Production Divisions was NOT approved.

–       Proposals to permit aftermarket triggers and hammers without restriction in the Handgun Production Divisions were approved.

All the approved Rules amendments come into effect on April 01, 2023. Updated Rules books will be published on IPSC web page in a short while. 

Other subjects discussed included the following:

–       PCC/MR World Shoot was postponed to 2025.

–       Feeling of the Assembly was positive towards moving African Handgun Championship from 2025 to 2024.

I would like to thank the Rules Committee, Regional Directors and Executive Council members for the participation in numerous online meetings which had been conducted to discuss Rules amendments and prepare for the EGA and for the efficient work during the Assembly!

Best regards,

Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President