How to Join

If you wish to join this exciting and challenging discipline of the shooting sports, you need the following:

  • Be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC.  Look in the Club Finder page.  If your current club is not affiliated, go to the Join page for a club application form.
  • Join IPSC as an individual member.  To do this, go to the Join page to join online in the Membership Portal or to download an individual application form.
  • Have access to a suitable handgun (centre-fire in 9mm, .357 or .38 calibre), with holster and belt, and also speed loaders (for revolver) or 10-round (maximum) magazines (for semi-auto pistol).  New members of shooting clubs usually cannot own a handgun until a training/waiting period is over (usually 6 months).  Note that some clubs have club-owned handguns available for use by members at their ranges.
  • Pass the holster safety and proficiency test at your club.